The best for Klickitat County!

Looking ahead to the future of Klickitat and setting clear priorities for the county.

Interview with Gorge Radio – October 5, 2020


As a previous County Commissioner I know what it takes to do the job. I’ve known Jake for over 20 years and have seen what he is capable of. His is brilliant, dedicated, and understands the county and it’s operations unlike anyone else. 

Don Struck 

I asked Jake why a non resident of the City would work so hard on behalf of the City.  His answer was simple- ‘Why wouldn’t I work to help my neighbors?’.  In this day and age we need someone that naturally works for the good of all people.  Jacob Anderson has spent years demonstrating that he works for all of us.

David Poucher, Previous Mayor of White Salmon

Jake and I have worked together on legislative priorities in Olympia.  He is well informed, highly engaged, and a credit to Klickitat County.

 T.W. Lannen
Skamania County Commissioner
District 2