I’m proud to share that the Washington State Farm Bureau PAC has endorsed me for Klickitat County Commissioner. As a multi-generation family farmer, I look forward to supporting their mission if I get elected to be the next Klickitat County Commissioner.

“In the 14 years I have known Jake I have developed a great deal of respect for him as a highly intelligent, hardworking, and dedicated person. His knowledge of the inner workings of the County is extensive. Not only has he worked for the county for several years but has volunteered his time, after work, to serve as a member of the Planning Commission. During the pandemic he has worked with the economic development department helping our county small businesses who have been adversely affected by the virus. He has helped them obtain grants and low interest loans without which they may have had to go out of business, depriving the county of many jobs. In addition to all this, Jake works his family ranch and business and serves on the Husum/BZ Community Council. In my opinion, Jake will make an excellent County Commissioner. I support him completely for this position and look forward to watching him help lead the County into a successful future.”

Rex F. Johnston, Current Klickitat County Commissioner, District #1

“Klickitat County’s demographics and economy are changing. Jake is a leader who understands these changes. He’s worked in Economic Development to support our businesses and has spent years managing natural resource issues. He’s facilitated hundreds of meetings between diverse stakeholder groups and has earned the respect among members from all the different sides.  He understands land use planning, water rights, the working timber and agriculture lands, along with the history and people of the county. Having been a previous County Commissioner I can honestly say that Jacob will be a Commissioner that we can all be proud of.”

Don Struck

I strongly support Jacob Anderson for county commissioner. It’s been my
pleasure to work with Jacob on community and economic development
issues since my time as a county employee and more recently as a member
of the County Planning Commission. As someone who grew up here, he
understands the importance of preserving the unique, ag-based culture while
building a more diverse economy that makes jobs for the next generation. As
someone with extensive county government staff experience himself, he has
learned how to navigate the difficult world of state and Federal regulations
that affect so much of what a county does. And as a Planning Commission
member, he asks the insightful questions that make for a more effective final
product. I hope you’ll join me in voting for Jacob and making him our newest
county commissioner.

Dana Peck
Goldendale, WA

“I am excited to endorse Jacob Anderson for Klickitat County Commissioner Position 1. As Mayor of White Salmon for 12 years you get to see a lot of people that are all talk and no action.  Jake is all action.  Twelve years ago the City of White Salmon was experiencing one of its darkest economic times caused by the mandatory water moratorium placed on it. Jake worked tirelessly with the city, county, WA State department of ecology, US Forest Service, Irrigation District and the PUD to help secure the needed water and Water Rights for the city of White Salmon.  Without his direct help the City could not have secured the needed agreements with multiple agencies and private entities.  Jake’s ability to bring to light how working together can enhance each individual stakeholder’s position is truly amazing.

I asked Jake why a non resident of the City would work so hard on behalf of the City.  His answer was simple- ‘Why wouldn’t I work to help my neighbors?’.  In this day and age we need someone that naturally works for the good of all people.  Jacob Anderson has demonstrated that he works for all of us.”

David Poucher, Mayor of White Salmon (retired)

“For the past 8 years, I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Jake Anderson as active members of the South Gifford Pinchot Collaborative. We have also worked together on common legislative issues with the DNR in Olympia. I have always found Jake to be articulate, well informed, and highly engaged. He is a credit to Klickitat County.  As a first term Commissioner in Skamania County, I can appreciate the benefits of having a Commissioner who already has a current working knowledge of County government.  The learning curve is steep for the uninitiated and the job is more complex than most could imagine. Having a Commissioner with Jake’s skill set and knowledge of county government sets him apart.  I believe that he would be a huge benefit to the citizens of Klickitat County.”

 T.W. Lannen
Skamania County Commissioner
District 2

Jacob Anderson has lived in Klickitat County a long time.  He’s actually a 5th generation son which gives him some credibility when he states how much he loves this county…all of it.  Now, I’m a relative newcomer to the area.  We came here in 1971 from San Francisco and literally found paradise.  Over all those years, we’ve seen a variety of changes, some good and some not so good.  All the newer folks who have moved here feel no less affection about this area than I did all those years ago.  But what I want to ensure is that the next wave of wide-eyed immigrants like we were will find the same invitation to become a part of the Klickitat County family of long-time ranchers, farmers, loggers, techies, artists, small business owners, and our own hometown heroes.  

Jacob is truly bipartisan and seems to get great satisfaction out of bringing opposing factions to the table and hammering out a solution.

Jacob is interested in protecting all parts of Klickitat County, from the wide open rural areas to our ever expanding mini-urban areas. 

Jacob understands that for the families of the county to thrive, we need jobs of all kinds for all kinds of people.

To this end, I can think of no one better to represent District 1 of Klickitat County than Jacob Anderson.


Lane Smith
Former Klickitat County Commissioner, District 1